Bread and circuses

This game is for the bread and circuses - a game where your dog can win treats by playing.

I have taught to Miki how to clean up his toys by placing them into a basket and now I developed this game based on that.

You need two different sized circles for example two round cookie cutters from Ikea’s Drömmar set. If you don’t have any you can use a plastic basin and some smaller cup.

In addition you need a ball and two different kinds (different values) of treats. I took some food kibble and dried chicken hearts.

The idea is that the dog (retrieves and) places the ball on the target. If he puts it into the larger circle he wins a kibble and if he manages to put the ball into the smaller circle he wins a better treat.

Miki got the idea of this game super fast, because he already knew how to collect toys into a basket - which I also taught him with tennis balls.

At times the games got a bit wild :D