Treat dispensers

We have bought many different treat dispensing toys for Miki. I highly recommend the Kong toys; they are pretty durable and pet stores usually have a good selection of them.

Here are some examples how you can use treat dispensing toys with your dog and how much time it approximately took Miki to empty the treats from them. I will also tell you what type of treats I feel are the most suitable for each toy. However these are the treats Miki likes, but I hope this can give you some ideas.

You can read the whole review by clicking on the thumbnails.

Trixie Roly Poly

Trixie’s Roly Poly is quite good compared to other treat dispenser toys.

Toys combined

You can join some food dispensing toys together to make the toys more difficult.

Space Ball Stellaron

This Space Ball Stellaron toy is actually meant for fetching, but we have used it as a treat dispenser.

PetProjekt Tretbal

PetProjekt Tretbal is an ultra durable rubber toy that is almost impossible to break.

PetProjekt Holobal

PetProjekt’s toys are usually very smart and clever and this Holobal is no exception.

Northmate Green

In addition to normal food bowl, we have this slow feeding bowl that mimics grass, and this one is the larger one of the two available sizes.

Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobbler is very durable toy and you can easily make the toy more challenging.

Kong Satellite

Kong Satellite has been one of the most difficult toys we have bought for Miki.

Kong Quest Wishbone

Kong Quest Wishbone is very durable toy but it doesn’t give much of a challenge.

Kong Quest Star Pod

Kong Quest Star Pod is a durable toy and it’s a good toy if you can find right size treats for it.

Kong Gyro

Kong Gyro is a bit different food dispenser ball because it has a ring attached to it. The ball rolls around its axis making the toy a bit more challenging.

Interactive games

You can find all sorts of interactive games from pet stores, but it’s wise to consider if your dog actually needs one.

Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom

Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom is a very challenging treat dispenser toy although the difficulty is adjustable.

Buster Food Cube

Buster Food Cube’s idea is great because a cube won’t roll by itself on the floor but needs to be pushed all the time.