Kong Gyro

Kong Gyro is a bit different food dispenser ball because it has a ring attached to it. The ball rolls around its axis making the toy a bit more challenging.

Kong manufactures this toy in two sizes and this is the larger one. I like the fact that you can open this toy for a proper cleaning.

According to manufacturer the difficulty of this toy is not adjustable. Although it gave Miki just the right amount of challenge, because it took him about 8 minutes to get all the kibble out.

Because you can open the toy for cleaning, it means also that you can in fact adjust the difficulty :) If you place some plastic bottle caps or a small coral inside the toy, the kibble will be more difficult to get out.

At first I was very pleased with this toy. It gave some challenge to Miki, it didn’t make almost any noise on the carpet and it was easy for Miki to move around. The joy was short lived..

While Miki was working on the toy he bit the toy a couple of times and I noticed there were severe bite marks on the toy. I was a bit confused and disappointed, because I’ve accustomed to the Kong company’s durable toys. Usually Kong company’s toys last years but I’m not so sure about this one.

Fortunately Miki doesn’t usually chew on his toys, although he may bite his new toys a couple of times while he’s trying to figure out how they work. This toy might be able to withstand Miki’s handling, but if your dog tends to chew on his toys you really should skip this one.

The idea of the toy is very good but it lacks durability.