You can make different search games for your dog from these chocheted corals. This is also an excellent way to get rid of left over yarns.

I crocheted these corals similar way as a round potholder is made, but I increased stitches lot more to make the coral wavy.

My corals are about 9-11cm (3,5”-4,3”) in diameter but you can make them larger if you want. You need to make them large enough so your dog doesn’t accidentally eat them.

Game 1: Corals on the floor

We started with this easy game. I set the corals on the floor and put some small treats in the middle for Miki to search.

Game 2: Corals in a plastic container

I put all 45 corals in a plastic container and then I put some small treats in the gaps. At some point Miki pushed the container over so that he could find the treats faster.

Game 3: Corals in cups

I put one small treat on the bottom of each cup and then I put the corals on top.

Game 4: Giant coral

I wired the corals with yarn and a needle into two long snakes and then I tied them together to make one giant coral. Then I hide some kibble in the gaps for Miki to find.

This game was the most challenging. Not that it was hard but rather the most time consuming.

You should supervise your dog when you give him this game. Because there is a possibility that the yarn holding the giant coral together might snap and then there is a risk that your dog could accidentally eat the yarn.