PetProjekt Holobal

PetProjekt’s toys are usually very smart and clever and this Holobal is no exception.

Filling this toy is very easy but it still gives a good challenge for your dog. PetProjekt’s toys are always well designed and durable too. I highly recommend PetProjekt’s toys - this brand is one of my favourites.

The first time I gave this toy to Miki I put some very small treats into the toy so it should’ve been easy. Miki is always so subtle when playing with any toy so he only rolled the ball on the floor about 5 minutes on more and got nothing out.

Then I decided to show him that the strands give in when pushed. Miki understood the idea immediately and then the treats vanished quite fast.

This toy is available in two sizes and this is the larger one. Its diameter is about 4”.