Kong Classic (Extreme)

This Kong toy is extremely durable and it’s an absolute classic.

I like the classic Kong toy very much, because it can be frozen. I usually do larger batch of pâté paste and freeze multiple Kong toys at the same time. Miki usually licks a frozen Kong clean in about 15 minutes. To keep the freezer clean I always freeze Kongs in yoghurt cups or on a plate.

You can buy these pâtés in tubes from pet shops. There are variations available like liver, salmon and chicken pâté. I mix unsweetened natural yoghurt with these pâtés or tuna flakes and then put the mix into the Kong. In addition, you can use unsweetened quark, cottage cheese, eggs, minced meat, chicken, peanut butter or smashed vegetables like carrot, sweet potato, lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, squash, broccoli, celery and banana. Do NOT use avocados, grapes, raisins, onions, chocolate or macadamian nuts because these contain substances that are toxic to dogs.

You can use unsweetened and smashed blueberries too, if your dog can lick the Kong outside in the yard. I don’t give blueberries in the house because our rugs would probably be ruined after that.

Sometimes I put a dried chicken fillet in the toy, which I have folded in half (shaped like a letter V). When the chicken fillet opens up inside the Kong, it is relatively hard to get it out especially when I tuck the ends under the edge of the Kong.

It normally takes Miki from two to twenty minutes to get the chicken fillet out. Once I managed to tuck the chicken in the Kong so hard, that it took Miki 4 hours and 45 minutes to get it out, and he didn’t get tired or bored at any point. But hey, there was some chicken inside :D

The durability of toys is the most important factor when I choose toys for Miki and I can’t recommend this toy enough.

This classic toy is one of my favourite toys and it certainly is a versatile boredom buster.

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