Trixie Roly Poly

Trixie’s Roly Poly is quite good compared to other treat dispenser toys.

I had my reservations about this toy, because we only have had one other toy from Trixie (Trixie Snack Spinner) and that toy was so poor that I slightly hesitated buying this one.

This Roly Poly toy turned out to be great, it seems durable and it didn’t cost much.

Miki also likes this toy very much.

The toy can be easily opened. The toy has two detachable disks inside and you can vary the difficulty by adding or removing disks. The toy is very easy to fill up because it opens and it’s very easy to clean for the same reason.

The only con is that the toy’s capacity is quite small when both disks are attached, so there’s no room for a full meal of kibble. You can only put about 1/3 cup of kibble each time. So if you give like 1-1½ cup of kibble to your dog you need to fill the toy several times.

In spite of that I still think this is a great toy because it gives some challenge for Miki, who usually empties all treat dispensers within few minutes. It took Miki few minutes to get 1/4 cup of kibble out. So his whole dinner, 1 cup, took him something like eight to ten minutes.

This toy is also relatively quiet when Miki spins it on the floor, so thumbs up for that.