Carton and plastic packages

All small grocery packages are good to be given to the dog to shred.

Carton packages

I usually put only some kibble inside these packages. They are so easy for Miki, that I always tape them around before giving them to him. Miki shreds a taped package about in two minutes. Sometimes I put the treats inside paper balls, so that they are harder to get out.

If this is too easy for your dog, you can hang these packages from trees, railings or ladders, so your must first get the package down before he can start to tear it apart.

Plastic packages

You can also give plastic packages to your dog but make sure they don’t have any loose parts that your dog could accidentally swallow.

Fruit packages

When I put some kibble in these it takes Miki a couple of minutes to get them out.

If you want to make the game harder you can secure the packages with a piece of masking tape.

Ball package

This package was a bit unusual because the package had small holes where the balls were.

Kibble would have fell straight out so I used thinly sliced duck fillet instead. They were just perfect because they were quite sticky.

I took Miki about 4 minutes to get the duck slices out.