Cup in the tube

You should make the effort to build this game because it’s just so much fun to watch your dog to solve the puzzle.

You need a tube, a paper cup with handles, some string and a block as a handle for this game. I used a 70cm (28”) long cardboard tube but you can use a Pringles tube as well.

I tied the string to the paper cup’s handles and then I tied a round block to the other end of the string. If you don’t have any suitable blocks, you can tie a piece of cardboard as a handle.

Then I put a couple of treats into the cup and pushed the cup bottom first into the tube so far, that only the handle remained out.

Miki knew right away what he was supposed to do, because of the green block handle (which have been used as a handle before). The game was still challenging for Miki, because the paper cup’s diameter was about the same as the tube’s, so it didn’t come out so easily. Still, this game was sooo fun for Miki and for me too.

As the cup was in the tube quite tightly, I hold the tube from the other end against the floor while Miki pulled the string.