Denim plait

For these games you need a pair of jeans that you are about to throw away and some dry and hard treats.

Denim plait

I cut one leg off the jeans and cut the leg into five long strings. Then I tied them together with a knot and plaited it and put some treats in between. At the end I secured the plait with another knot and cut the rest of the strips off.

It took Miki about 5 minutes to get all the treats out.

Fleece plait

You can also make the plait with fleece which is also more durable than denim.

I cut 7 long strings of fleece. I tied them from one end and plait them and then tied the other end as well.

I made 3 of these fleece plaits. Then I plait them too to one giant fleece plait and secured both ends with extra strips of fleece.

Knots in the jeans

Cut one leg off the jeans. You can put a single treat in the leg and tie one knot on top of the treat. Or you can put a knot in the far end of the leg, then put the treat in the middle and tie another knot at the other end of the leg.

It takes Miki 5 to 20 minutes to get the treats out from the knotted jeans.