Dermosil bottles

Dermosil soap bottles are shaped like they were designed as treat dispensing toys for dogs.

These bottles are reusable, but the soap pump will eventually break down while the bottle is still in good condition and can be given to dog to play with.

The bottle is almost perfectly designed; although you turn the bottle upside down, the kibble won’t fall straight out because the bottle doesn’t have a neck. In addition the bottle is a bit slippery and because the bottle is quite big, it’s hard for the dog to handle. You may never find as good treat dispensing toys for your dog “for free” as these are.

When you give any bottle to your dog, make sure that the bottle is safe to use. Do not give any bottles that have had any toxic substances in them. Kitchen soap bottles and hand dishwashing liquid bottles are usually safe to use. In addition, you should always wash the bottles thoroughly before giving them to your dog.

I normally use kibble with these bottles, because any soft or sticky treats would be too hard for a dog to get out. It takes Miki about 2 to 5 minutes to get all the kibble out.

If you want to increase the difficulty you can try to put elongated treats into the bottles. I put a 6 cm piece of a munchy chewing roll into the bottle and it took Miki about two minutes to get it out.