Falling treats

Preparing this game takes a bit time, but Miki found this game super fun so I recommend you to try this with your own dog.

Miki was so proud of himself when he figured this game out :)

The idea of this game is that there is a cut almost all the way through the tube and there is a piece of cardboard in the cut. The treats are on top of that piece of cardboard and the dog needs to pull that out so that the treats will fall out.

The 30 cm (about 12”) long tube was cut in the middle so that it remained quite sturdy. You can see the cut from behind in the last picture. The cut needs to be just wide enough so that you can barely fit a piece of cardboard in the cut.

My tube also had holes drilled at both ends so that I could zip tie it to a large cardboard box. If you’re not going to attach it with zip ties there is no need to drill the holes. You can just as easily use masking tape if you want to attach it to a doorway or a tree.

If you are going to do this game with an empty Pringles tube you need to cut out the bottom of the tube. You can use scissors or a modelling knife to do the cut to a Pringles tube (I needed to use an angle grinder :) ). If you have a small dog you can also use an empty paper towel roll.

When the tube is finished you still need that small piece of cardboard or carton. Start with a thin and large piece of cardboard and make the game harder by moving to a thicker and smaller piece when your dog has learned the game.

For this game you should use any dry treats or just kibble so that the treats fall easily and won’t get stuck on the cardboard.

Miki learned this game in a couple of seconds. After a few tries I changed the cardboard to a thicker one so that it was harder to pull out. Then after a couple of tries I cut the cardboard so small that only a small part of it was visible when it was in place.