Fleece puzzle

This game is convenient because you can adjust the difficulty to fit your dog’s level.

I used a tray which I got from an advent calendar, but if you don’t have that, don’t worry. You can use any compartment from tool box, tackle box, jewellery box etc.

The fleece is good for your dog to play with, because it doesn’t unravel. If you don’t have fleece, you can try to make a similar game with strips of paper.

I cut 24 different size strips from fleece because size of the holes on the tray vary a little bit. We started with an easy game where I put a small treat in every hole and just laid the fleece rolls on top of them. It took Miki about 3 minutes to eat all the treats.

If your dog hasn’t search much before you can make even easier game by just placing the treats next to the rolls where you dog can still see them.

Later on we played a harder game, where I placed the treats inside the fleece rolls before I laid them onto the tray. It took Miki about 6 minutes to eat all the treats.