Flippin' it

In this game the dog needs to flip the blue baskets to get the treats.

I took the blue baskets from feta cheese cups, because these baskets have small handles on the sides.

First I punctured two holes for every zip tie that I used to attach the baskets to the cardboard (look the picture mosaic on the bottom, picture 1). I wired six zip ties through the holes and through the baskets’ handles (mosaic picture 2).

Then I pushed the zip ties through the second holes and attached them on the back side of the cardboard (mosaic picture 3). I left the zip ties loose, so that Miki was able to flip the baskets (mosaic picture 4).

I cut small pieces of semi-moist duck fillet and then I hid the pieces under the baskets.

Miki figured out this game super quickly. It took Miki no more than a few seconds to flip the baskets.