High roller's alternatives

These games are similar as the High roller game but here are some alternatives.

I attached these games on the same cardboard holder as the High roller game is attached and you can see some instructions in here.

I took about 20 cm long piece of a hollow pipe and pushed a rope through it and tied it to the holder.

Paper cups

We started with these three paper cups which I hanged on the pipe.

I put one kibble in each cup but you can use any treats your dog likes.

Easy paper roll game

I punctured two holes on the middle of empty paper roll.

The other end of the roll needed to be sealed so I taped a piece of tape onto the roll that was folded on itself so the kibble wouldn’t stick to it inside the roll.

Then I pushed the pipe through the roll and tied it to the holder and added some kibble.

More difficult paper roll game

In this game I also punctured two holes to the roll but this time I placed the holes closer to the other end. This time I used a plastic cap to close the roll at one end but I soon realised the taped version was better - the cap fell off shortly.

This game was more difficult and I’m not sure did Miki have any clue what he was supposed to do or did he just fumble something and got lucky at some point :D

Miki loved these games very much. When all kibble were eaten and I was packing the game away, I could see the sadness in his face when he realized he couldn’t continue playing.