Kibble dispenser

This game is easy to prepare, but it still gives a good challenge for your dog.

You need a tube or a jar with a lid and some tape. I took a small Pringles tube and I made two holes on the side with a modelling knife. I’m sure you can cut the holes with scissors too.

I made the first hole so small, that the kibble barely fit through, so that the game wouldn’t be too easy. Then I made another hole that is slightly larger, so that the tube is easier for me to fill.

When I had made the holes, I secured the lid to the tube with clear packing tape.

It took Miki about 5 minutes to get half of a cup of kibble out.

You can easily adjust the difficulty of this game by making more or less holes, or by making the holes smaller or larger.

If you make too many holes and the game is too easy for your dog, you can always tape some of the holes shut so that the game becomes harder.

Here are also some pictures with the larger Pringles tube with four holes.