Kibble hunt

If your dog loves to chase and hunt his food then this is a perfect game for him.

Miki has a very high prey drive and he loves nothing more than trying to catch his own food.

I’ve never seen him more concentrated than when he’s trying to climb on a tree to catch a squirrel - yep, he tries to climb on trees by any means necessary if there’s a squirrel or when he stalks or tries to hunt small prey like rabbits, birds or some small rodents. Some bugs will do as well.

That’s why I came up with this game where Miki can chase his food that is moving away from him. This game is one of Miki’s most favourite games. This is easy for me as well, because it doesn’t require any preparations or equipment, just some kibble.

I sit on the floor and I toss a kibble so it rolls on the floor and then Miki can chase it. I usually place myself in our apartment so that I can roll the kibble into three or four different directions without moving. Sometimes I bluff and toss a kibble elsewhere to make the game even more interesting.

Miki has a double coat and he gets hot quite fast. After a game like this it’s important that Miki can go out on to the balcony to cool down if he needs to, so we don’t play this game on hot summer days.

I usually toss only one kibble at a time to make the game last as long as possible. One portion of kibble is hunted in about 10 minutes.