Knick-knacks puzzle

I got a dog treat advent calendar as a gift from Zooplus’ online store on last christmas.

When Miki had eaten all the treats, I saved the tray from the package. I collected 24 different knick-knacks and other small items and placed them into the holes.

Choose large enought objects, so your dog won’t accidentally eat them. In addition, the objects can’t have any sharp details and they need to be toxic free.

I used wooden blocks, caps from juice bottles and pill jars, a clothespin, a cork from wine bottle, a capsule from easter egg, key fobs, a tick key, pieces of fleece and other small items.

If you don’t have an advent calendar tray, you can use a compartment from tool box, tackle box, jewelry box or if you don’t have any of these either you can use a muffin tray.

I cut some treats to small pieces and then placed about 15 of them at a time on the tray for Miki to search.

It took Miki about 2-3 minutes to find about 15 small treats.