Multiple cups inside others

Hiding your dog’s dinner between cups gives him a nice challenge.

Plastic cups can be placed inside one another. You can put the treats in every cup or you can put the treat only in the last cup. You can also tape these cups together with masking tape.

For example I used the small dog treat buckets, as you can see in the pictures. I taped five of these buckets together and I only put the treats in one of the buckets. Miki got the treats out about in two minutes.

I put kibble into a transparent plastic box and then I put another box on top of that. The boxes were so tightly together that after 10 minutes Miki was giving up on this task. I needed to loosen the package a little bit, so that Miki was able to separate the boxes.

You can make surprisingly hard game by taping six paper cups together. It took Miki about 5 minutes to get all the treats out.