Newspaper onion

For this one you need a newspaper (staples taken out), some masking tape and any dry treats or just kibble.

First I took one page from the newspaper and put some treats on top of it. Then I scrunched it and folded it and put more treats in between the layers. When I was done with previous page, I took another page and folded it on top of the previous and put the treats in between every layer. I started with the tastiest treats, so that the best treats were hidden on the inside layers of the onion and I put the kibble in the outer layers of the onion.

When I had folded the whole newspaper I secured it with several rounds of masking tape before I gave it to Miki.

It took Miki about 10 to 15 minutes to get all the treats out of this onion.

You may not wanna give this to your dog on a white carpet or on a white rug. I gave this to Miki in our hallway, where we have grey rugs, so that our white rug wouldn’t get ruined. My fingertips changed colour to greyish when I folded this because of the ink on the paper.

And for the same reason you might not want to give this to your dog every day because the dog probably licks and swallows some of that ink.