Paper rolls in a box

Paper rolls in a box gave Miki a nice challenge.

For this game you need a couple of magazines (staples taken out), masking tape and an empty box or a container. The preparation takes some time, so if you have children this is a great way to get them involved.

I took all pages out from two magazines and removed the staples. Then I rolled each page separately and secured every roll with a piece of masking tape.

I made over a hundred rolls, but the quantity depends on the box you are using, because the goal is to fill the box with the rolls.

I laid the rolls into the box when the box was lying on it’s side so the rolls didn’t fell over. When the box was full, I placed it on the floor facing up and sprinkled about 2/3 cup of kibble into the box.

On the first time it took Miki over 10 minutes to find all the kibble.