Pulling cart

In this game Miki is pulling a cart but in a slightly different way than normal sled dogs do.

The easier version of the game first. You need two packages, which the other one needs to fit inside the other. Then you need to attach a lever to the inner box with tape or glue (I used tape), from which the dog can pull the box out. Then put the treats in the inner box and let your dog figure out how to get the treats.

Miki usually tosses all boxes around, so I needed to hold still the outer box on the floor.

Miki got this one super quickly, so then I made the lever only about one centimetre wide (less than half of an inch). The treats still vanished in seconds.

Later on we did the cart pulling game with Ikea’s Mula wagon and a big cardboard box. I attached one of the circular blocks to the string attached to the wagon and then pushed the wagon into the box, so that the block was the only thing left out. It took Miki only a few seconds to pull the wagon out.

As much as we would have liked to get a sled dog when we got Miki, we didn’t. After all our sled dog Miki finally got to pull a cart.