Rope in a box

Miki absolutely loves to search for his food so I always try new obstacles with different boxes.

We have this 20 meters (about 66 feet) long rope that we use as a leash when we go swimming or playing football with Miki. Miki is so pray driven, that we can’t let him roam free without a leash. We have so much rabbits, squirrels and geese around here that we are afraid that Miki gets hit by a car when he goes and chase them over the street.

So I put this rope into a cardboard box and take the metal snap hook out. Then I divide Miki’s kibble roughly in four portions and sprinkle them in the box.

If you don’t have any rope you can always improvise. I happened to have three long fleece plaits which I put on a basket and they were just perfect for this game.