Searching kibble from a crocheted rose brings fun alteration to the nose work games.

The rose I crocheted is about 22 cm in diameter. You can google “how to crochet a rose” to get the best instructions how to make one yourself, but you can find short instructions below the pictures.

First time put the kibble on top of the rose, like you can see in the second picture. This is how your dog relates the rose to sniffing rather than shredding it to pieces. Later on you can hide the kibble under the petals.

A short quide how to crochet a rose:

  1. Row 1: Crochet about 65 cm chain of stitches (it will later stretch to about a meter long).
  2. Row 2: Crochet a single stitch in every chain stitch. Except about every 5 to 10 stitches do a loop with 8 chain stitches and attach it back to the 3rd stitch. The loops will become the petals. Look at the picture mosaic picture 1.
  3. Rows 3-5: Crochet a double stitch to every stitch on the petals adding a few stitches in every petal. And crochet the remaining stitches between the petals with single stitches.
  4. Rows 6 and 7: This row is done similar as the rows 3-5 but don’t add any more stitches to the petals so they’ll bend from the tip.
  5. Row 8: This row is done similar as the rows 6 and 7, but only crochet the first five petals. This way the out most petals becomes slightly larger than the inner petals.
  6. Tie off the yarns and you’ll have a chain of petals (mosaic pictures 2 and 3).
  7. Take about 1,5 meter long yarn and tie it to the bottom of the work, to the end where the petals are slightly smaller. Then roll the work as a spiral from the bottom, little by little and simultaneously tie it with the yarn. In the end tie the last petal’s edge onto the bottom of the rose (mosaic picture 4, I tried to mark spiral on the bottom with the pink colour).