Snuffle box

A snuffle box is a hardened version of a snuffle mat.

I took a cardboard box and then laid the snuffle mat on the bottom. I put some tennis balls and some laundry balls and three long fleece plaits on top of the snuffle mat as obstacles.

If you don’t have those items you can improvise. You can use a plastic container instead of a cardboard box and you can use any small balls. I like to use laundry balls because I want to put some kibble inside them to make the game harder. And I reckon most people don’t have fleece plaits waiting in their closets for games like this, so feel free to use any soft obstacles you like, for example small towels, scarfs, socks, mittens.. what ever you can find.

I hid about 5 pieces of kibble at a time into the snuffle mat and inside the laundry balls and it took Miki about 40 minutes to find one cup of kibble. What a perfect game this was for a rainy day.