Spin the disk

You can craft amazing things out of garbage if you just use a bit of imagination.

I got a great idea for a brain game from this carton tray I got from a round kitchen scale’s package. The tray is round in the middle and has perfect holes in the corners for treats.

First I measured the diameter of the tray’s round section, which was 20cm (7,9”). Then I cut a slightly smaller disk out of cardboard, about 19cm (7,5”) in diameter.

I cut a triangular piece out of the disk, same size as the holes in the tray’s corners. Then I punctured a small hole in the middle of the disk and in the middle of the tray too. I attached the disk to the tray with two zip ties, but you can use a brad as well.

I took a lid from a dog treat tube and attached it with double sided tape to the disk as a handle. You can use any small lid or a block as a handle, and you can attach it with glue also. Then I finished the game with a chicken sticker which I put on the handle.

Miki didn’t get this game at first, but instead tried to tear the disk off. The disk took some minor damage, so… I made a new disk with two holes. Before I attached the handle to the disk, I covered the disk with clear contact paper to make the disk stronger.

I used small pieces of duck fillet, because they were flat enough to fit in the trays holes.