Toy hunt

You can make a similar game as the Easter egg hunt by hiding some food puzzle toys for your dog.

Instead of just giving a food puzzle toy filled with kibble to your dog you can increase the challenge and hide the toy first while your dog waits in some other room.

Alternatively you can hide just one toy at a time and this way your dog needs to wait every time in some other room while you hide the toy. With this mode you can simultaneously teach waiting for your dog and you can pay him a treat for waiting nicely before you send him to search.

When you play this game the first time, you may want to “hide” the toy only somewhere your dog can see. For example you can sit by your dog on the floor and hide the toy behind your back or if you sit by a table you can hide it behind a table’s leg as your dog is watching. When your dog gets accustomed with this game you can gradually make the game more difficult and hide the toy to another room.

If the hides are too difficult in the beginning, your dog might give up the whole thing or at least get confused if he doesn’t understand what he is supposed to do.