Toys on a stick

Pulling toys away from the stick gives a new kind of challenge for your dog.

First I put some treats into the Kong Traxx toy. You need to use relatively large treats, so that they won’t fall out. I used Nutrivet Instinct Dog Treats because they fit perfectly inside the toy and won’t fall out. Then I placed the toy on a stick.

The stick I used is actually a floor mop, but you can use any stick or pole available, as long as the stick doesn’t have any sharp edges.

You need to hold on the stick while your dog is working. At the first time it took Miki under a minute to get the Traxx off.

You can make the game harder if you hold the stick slanted upwards, so your dog needs to pull the toy out at one time. Or if you have a collapsible hula hoop, you can try this game with one piece of the hoop, so that your dog needs to pull the toy off the curved stick to the right, left or down.

We also played this game with a Hunter chew toy. I used small pieces of duck fillet with this toy.

Feel free to try this game with other toys too that can be placed on the stick.