Training with distractions

Working around distractions has always been very difficult to Miki.

We train him with distractions every now and then. We have done this exercise only at home for now, because there are just too many distractions outside.

Usually we play the eye contact game, which means that one of us sits down on the floor with Miki and Miki has to look at the person in the eyes he’s sitting with, to get the treats. Simultaneously the other person makes a lot of distractions around.

You can make distractions with the dog’s food bowl and some kibble or you can play with the dog’s toys, you can sprint around the dog or do some physical exercise in front of him, you can get up in a chair, eat in front of the dog, put on your dog walking shoes and clothes, pick up his leash and collar etc.

Different sounds are good distractions too. Open the drawer where you store the dogs food, open a refrigerator door or a freezer door, knock on the wall, ring the doorbell, shake your keys, sing, clap your hands or do whatever that normally gets your dog’s attention.