Treat cube

This is so cheap and easy to make and it’s as good as any food dispenser toy or even better.

For this one you need a small closable cardboard box size 8 x 8 cm (about 3” x 3”), masking tape and any dry treats.

You can do the box by your self like I did and for that you need a piece of cardboard size 24 x 32 cm (about 9,5” x 12,5”). I draw the cube on the cardboard (see the last picture) and cut it out with a modelling knife. I’m sure you can cut it with scissors too. I also cut a small hole in the middle for the treats to come out.

After this I folded and taped the cube excluding one side, then I put the tennis ball in and taped the cube shut.

For this one you can use any dry treats that can fit through the hole, I used kibble.

The tennis ball was a good obstacle inside the cube and it took Miki about three minutes to get all the kibble out.