Tubes in the box

Just a few tubes and a box and you can make these fun games for your dog.

I used three cardboard tubes and a cut from a plastic pipe for this game. You can use any tubes available, for example soda bottles, Pringles tubes or for a smaller dog empty paper towel rolls or cat treat tubes. At least for once you have a justified reason for buying several tubes Pringles at the same time :D

Game 1

I put four tubes on the bottom of a cardboard box, so that the gap left in there was a bit wider than Miki’s nose. Then I sprinkled a small handful of kibble in between the tubes and in the sides too. You can use kibble or other small treats. The idea of this game is that the dog needs to roll the tubes to both directions to get all the kibble out.

It took Miki about a minute to find a small handful of kibble.

Game 2

I took four tubes and I put the treats in the tubes before I placed them in the box.

It took Miki about two minutes to figure out, that he needed to lift the tubes out of the box one at a time in order to get the treats. It took Miki about three minutes altogether to eat all the treats.