All eggs in one basket

We got this basket full of delicacies as a Christmas present, but it soon found its way to be part of Miki’s games.

You can put any toys or other items in the basket as obstacles, as long as they are either soft or rounded, so your dog doesn’t hurt his nose while plowing in the basket. You should also check the bottom of the basket for any sharp spikes and put some tape on top of them if necessary.

I used only kibble in these games, but you can use any dry treats.

The single games were relatively easy for Miki. However he needed to think how to get the kibble out, because we played with this basket about 20 minutes altering the items all the time.

Game 1: Tennis balls

Game 2: JW Hol-ee Roller

Game 3: Kong Genius Leos

Game 4: Space Ball Stellaron and floorball

Game 5: Small cups

Game 6: Rope toy

Game 7: Towel

Game 8: Bowl

Game 9: Treat tubes

Game 10: Soccer balls

Game 11: Stuffed panda

Game 12: Large cups

Game 13: Packing paper

Game 14: Paper balls made from packing paper

Game 15: Corals

You can find the directions how to make corals from here.

Game 16: Laundry balls

Game 17: Fleece strips