Coral mat

This coral mat is similar to snuffle mat, but instead of fleece it’s made of crocheted corals.

You can learn how to crochet corals in here. I use the same corals in many different games, so the corals are just temporarily stitched to a small towel to make a mat.

Miki loves nothing more than to search his kibble dinner among corals. It takes some effort to crochet this many corals but I still recommend doing this. Sniffing and searching are important factors in dog’s well-being and these mats have really enriched Miki’s life.

I used 85 corals to this mat but the quantity depends on the size of the towel you are using. My towel was 30x50cm. I reckon that for small dogs only half of that size is enough.

First time I gave this to Miki I sprinkled the kibble on top of the mat so they were easy to find. Later on I hid the kibble inside the corals.