Empty paper rolls

Empty paper rolls are diy dog toy’s absolute classic.

You can just put the treats in the tube and then just fold the ends close. But if you need variations like I do, here are some examples for what you can do with the empty rolls.

You should only give rolls made from cardboard to your dog. Never give those which are made from toilet paper and dissolves in water.

The classic roll

I put a treat inside the roll and then pushed both ends shut. It took Miki like 20 seconds to get the treat out. You can make this harder by securing both ends with masking tape.

Roll with paper balls

I put a kibble or two in each paperball and then I put four paperballs in the roll. It took Miki about 2 minutes to get the kibble out.

Rolls in a box

You can make this game in a couple of different ways. You can put some treats on the bottom of the box and then lay the rolls on top as obstacles. Or you can first put some treats inside the rolls before you put the rolls into the box. Or you can put the treats inside paper balls and stuff them into the rolls before you put them into the box. Or if this is still too easy for your dog, you can gift wrap the box with the rolls with any paper and secure it with masking tape.

In the pictures below you can see I put the kibble inside paper balls first, then stuffed the rolls with paper balls and finally gift wrapped the whole thing with covers from a magazine.

If you have lots of empty rolls and a bigger box, you can put several layers of rolls into the box to give your dog more challenge.

It took Miki about 15-20 minutes to get all the kibble out.

This time I put the kibble on the bottom of the box and then laid three layers of rolls on top. It took Miki about three minutes to eat all the kibble.

You can put as many paper rolls as needed to fill a carton package. I put some kibble in two paper rolls and then I pushed them into a carton package. I secured the ends with a piece of tape to make it more difficult.

Rolls in a box II

I placed about 40 rolls vertically into a box and then sprinkled some kibble inside the rolls and between them.

It took Miki about 7 minutes to eat all the kibble.

If you don’t have enough empty rolls for this game, you can try this similar game “Paper rolls in a box”.

Flattened rolls in a box

I chose a box that was slightly wider than the rolls. Then I flattened 10 rolls and then they become wider as well. I pushed the rolls tightly into the box and sprinkled some kibble along.

It took Miki under a minute to roll the box so that all the kibble fell out.

You can make this game harder by replacing the kibble with some sticky treats like pieces of semi-moist chicken fillet.

Rolls with small towels

I cut small pieces of chicken fillet and rolled a couple of pieces in each towel. Then I pushed the towels inside the rolls.

It took Miki about 7 minutes to get the treats out from 5 rolls.

Four rolls inside a fifth one

First I folded four tp rolls. Then I cut strings from semi-moist duck fillet and pushed the treats into the rolls. Then I scrunched the four rolls and pushed them into the fifth roll.

It took Miki about 4 minutes to get all the treats out.

Roll with rolled magazine

I put small pieces of semi-moist chicken fillet inside a magazine. Then I rolled the magazine and pushed it into a cardboard roll. It took Miki about 7 minutes to find all the treats.

You should only use magazines that bind using glue, not stapled. If you only have stapled magazines, then you should remove the staples before you give the magazine to your dog.

Rolls in large cups

I folded four rolls in half and pushed them into four large cups. Then I placed few kibble into the rolls and also on the bottoms of the cups.

It took Miki about 2 minutes to get all the kibble out.

Rolls in treat buckets

I put three empty rolls in a dog treat bucket. Then I sprinkled some kibble on the bottom and then I closed the package with a second treat bucket.

Three rolls fits just into the bucket, so you don’t need to attach the buckets together because the rolls keep them nicely together.

It took Miki just under a minute to get the kibble out.

Rolls under a bookshelf

You can use as many rolls as you like in this game, I used five rolls.

I took one roll and marked the hight of the bookshelf’s under section to it (mosaic picture 1). Then I cut the top off (mosaic picture 2). I used the first one as a model to cut the four other rolls.

Then I took the off cuts and pushed one of them in each roll and I filled them with kibble and some treats (mosaic pictures 3 and 4). Then I pushed the rolls under the bookshelf.

If you reckon this game is too hard for your dog you can first make an easier version of this game. You can put the treats solely inside the rolls so they’ll spread on the floor as soon as your dog digs the roll out.

You can use other furniture as well for example a coffee table. The piece of furniture you use need to be sturdy enough that your dog isn’t able to push it over.

It took Miki about 9 minutes to get all the treats out from five rolls.

Fleece hexagon

I cut a 17cm x 75cm piece of fleece. I put a few strings of semi-moist duck fillet and some kibble on top of the fleece. Then I rolled the fleece into a long tube.

I cut about a 70cm long gift wrap roll into six short rolls. Then I pushed five of these short rolls on top of the rolled fleece and with the sixth roll I connected the ends of the fleece making a hexagon out of it.

It took Miki about 6 minutes to get the treats out.

Gift wrapped rolls

I used two rolls and some thick packing paper for this game.

First I put kibble and some treats inside the rolls. Then I gift wrapped them with the paper and twisted the ends close. If you want to make the game harder you can secure the paper with some masking tape.

It took Miki about 4 minutes to get all the treats out.

Ring balls

I cut some empty rolls to rings. Then I inserted about 4-5 rings into the others and put one large treat inside every ball.

It took Miki about 2-3 minutes to get the treats out from 6 balls.

Rings in cups

Any rings left from the previous game can be used in this game. I put some small treats on the bottom of the cups and then pushed the rings on top.

Tin foil roll

I cut about 15 cm (5”) long piece of empty tin foil roll. Then I took one sticky duck fillet and one chicken fillet and folded them in half (shaped like letter V). Then I tucked them into the midpoint of the roll.

It took Miki about 5 minutes to get the treats out.

Empty paper rolls are also used in the Dumbbells game.