Laundry balls

Laundry balls are versatile toys, as long as you remember to scrub off all traces of laundry detergents.

If your dog hasn’t got any experience with interactive toys, a single laundry ball can be a good toy to begin with. For the first time you should put a hard treat or food kibbles inside the ball, so they’ll fall out easily.

Always remember to watch your dog when he plays with toys and never leave him alone with them.

Laundry balls work well also with wet food. In the post Pastimes for a convalescent I filled the laundry balls with wet food and put them in a basket.

In the summer time you can fill them with wet food and freeze them to give something cool for your dog to enjoy.

If the laundry balls are too easy, you can put some obstacles inside them with the treats, for example paper balls, fleece strips or crocheted corals.

Here you can see in the pictures below when I gave Miki 18 laundry balls with some food kibbles inside and fleece strips as obstacles. It took Miki about 5 minutes to get all the kibbles out.

When I changed the fleece strips to corals the game got harder because the corals were more difficult to get out of the balls. It took Miki about 6-7 minutes the get all the kibbles out.

You can attach multiple balls to cardboard/box with double sided tape. I assumed that it would’ve made the game harder, because Miki couldn’t roll the balls on the floor any more to get the food out. On the contrary, this game turned to be too easy for Miki and it took Miki under a minute to eat all the treats.

I’ve also used laundry balls in these games:


Inside Kong Wobbler

Kong Wobbler as it is, is far too easy for Miki. When I give the toy to him, I always put some obstacles inside so the food kibbles won’t fall out too easily.

Ball pool

Laundry balls are a good addition to a ball pool. By using them all the food kibbles don’t fall straight on the bottom of the box, but instead fall gradually when Miki plows in the box.

In addition laundry balls has been used as part of Task boxes,

and Snuffle boxes.