Small games

In this post you can find various small games.

Kibbles under an office chair

For this game you only need an office chair and any treats. I sprinkled some kibble under the chair and let Miki search them. Although this game is relatively easy for him, this is definitely fun to watch.

Paper balls

Take single sheets of paper from the magazine and wrap one sheet around a few kibble or any dry treats.

On the first time you may want to use thicker piece of paper, like covers of a magazine, so your dog doesn’t eat the paper itself but only the treats inside.

Paper balls in the Hol-ee Roller toy:

Paper balls in cups:

Paper balls in a carton package:

Paper balls in an empty paper roll:

Paper balls in a taskbox:

Kibbles in cardboard boxes

You can use any size cardboard boxes that are available. Here are some examples:

Bubble wrap

Sometimes I’ve used bubble wrap as an obstacle:

Packing paper

I put couple of kibble on the bottom of a cardboard box and then I put some packing paper on top. I also put some kibble in the gaps of the paper.

Quark jars

When you freeze the leftovers of quark, cottage cheese or yoghurt, it takes longer time for your dog to lick the jars clean.

Plastic box with a lid

You can put the box on the floor facing up or down and with or without the lid. First time you give this task to your dog, you should leave the lid slightly open, so that it won’t be too difficult.

Gym mat

I put some kibble inside a gym mat for Miki to search.

A large jar in a basket

I put some kibble on the bottom of the basket and then I put a large jar on top as obstacle.

Makeup bag

This makeup bag is collapsible and it forms a nice hide for the kibble.