Coral cappuccino

I choose a Nescafe jar for this game because of the narrower section in the middle of the jar.

You can use any jars for this game, but I recommend using only plastic ones.

I used some crocheted corals as obstacles and they were slightly smaller than I normally use, about 5-6 cm (2”) in diameter. Learn how to crochet corals in here.

If you don’t want to make corals, you can make similar game with paper balls.

I thought this game would be difficult, so first I gave the jar to Miki with only some kibble on the bottom. The kibbles vanished in seconds.

Then I made the game harder. I put some kibble on the bottom and then 10-15 corals loosely on top. It took Miki about a minute to get the kibble out.

After a couple of easy games I put some kibble on the bottom and then I pushed over 20 corals on top quite tightly. It took Miki about 2-3 minutes to get the kibble out.

You can make the game a bit more difficult if you place a piece of tape on the mouth of the jar, so the corals can’t fall out. The corals must be quite loose so the kibble can fall out between them.

And make sure your dog doesn’t eat the tape by accident. If you put the tape around the whole jar it’s more likely to stay in place.